KILLING SARAI TV Series and Book 7 Update

I’m so excited to show you all the first stills from the upcoming film, KILLING SARAI, optioned by William Levy! I have to say, William Levy looks like a great Victor Faust, and I’m not sure who the actress is yet, but even without red hair she easily pulls off the ‘Sarai’ look.

This particular scene is in the hotel room with Victor Faust after Sarai sees the video of her friend, Lydia, being tortured by Javier Ruiz.

In addition to me, I encourage you to follow William levy for future updates on the series as well:


OK, I know you’re all past wondering where book #7, SPIDERS IN THE GROVE is at the moment, and once again I need to apologize for it taking forever – same reasons as before. But I also ran into a block with the story-line, and, at the last minute decided to take the ending in a different direction. So, because of that decision, I’ve had to go back and rewrite some things throughout the book. It WILL release very soon – that I can assure you. I’m just tying up some things and will have to do one more read-through and I’ll publish it.

Thanks for being so patient 🙂

Lastly, if you haven’t already, you should join the Pinterest board for In the Company of Killers to see my visual inspiration as I write each book in the series – be on the lookout for new images because they often give away clues! And as a member of the board, you can also add your own depictions of the characters and story-lines! Just send an email to JREDMERSKI {AT} YAHOO {DOT} COM and request an invite – be sure to include the email address associated with your Pinterest account.

Again, thanks for your patience!



UPDATE 1-28-2018: Yesterday when I posted this, I made an error in saying these stills were from the TV show, when in fact they are from the ‘film’ that will be released in the Dominican Republic. Just to clear up any confusion, there will be a KILLING SARAI  TV series, but the ‘film’ will only be released in the Dominican Republic, and it will be in Spanish. The TV series will be released in the U.S. – hope this answers questions! I can’t really go into anymore detail about it. But yes, there will be both, only the film will NOT be released in the United States.

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