I will be compiling a list of frequently asked questions about the series, In the Company of Killers soon!




Q: Can I send you my paperback copy of your book to have it signed by you?

A: I’m sorry, but due to various problems I’ve encountered with shipping books back to readers, I can no longer offer to do this.

Q: I am a book blogger. Can you send me some swag (printed books, bookmarks, posters, etc.) to give away on my book blog site?

A: I no longer keep extra copies of my books at home, and ‘swag’ is reserved for signing events. I’m sorry, but I cannot ship these things to you.

Q: Who does your book covers?

A: Michelle Monique Photography, has done the covers for KILLING SARAI, THE SWAN & THE JACKAL , SEEDS OF INIQUITY and portions of REVIVING IZABEL.

Q: Who are the models on your book covers?

A: Sarai/Izabel is the beautiful Nicole Whittaker and Nora Kessler is the stunning Corrie J. I don’t have models for any of the men yet, but they’ll be coming soon!



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